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Valle Camonica has always been an area of many cultural activities. The great history is visible in the first human settlements and the rock graffiti found in many locations (UNESCO world harritage).

Romans have passed and settled in Valcamonica. Many buildings of this age have remained. Most important are surely the Amphi theater of Cividate Camuno as well as the Minerva shrine in Breno. During many centuries these communities, just like in many other places along the lombardic terretory, have developed a rich architecture and painting, dedicated to the catholic religion, with churches, shrines and chappels in wich you may find many important artworks.

Miscellanious museums and themeparks are located in the Camonica Valley, such as the Archeological Park of Darfo Boario Terme and the Etnographic Museum of Bienno which is dedicated to iron, local arts and traditions. Or the didactic Museum of Art and prehistoric life at Capo di Ponte and the Museum of the white war at Adamello at Temù.

The cultural richness has been cultivated until now and is manifesting in various institutions who organise on an annual basis local fests and events to cultivate and keep alive local cultural traditions.