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Racchette ciaspole


Fishing is very popular in Valcamonica thanks to it's many rivers and lakes in this area. You find a vast variety of fishes in these clean and clear waters.

In the Adamello park fishing is allowed from 01.06. to 30.09. at the following artificial lakes:  Lago d'Arno, Lago Miller, Lago Salarno, Lago Dosazzo, Lago Venerocolo, Lago Baitone, Lago Aviolo, Lago Pantano d'Avio, Lago Benedetto, Laghetto d'Avio, Lago d'Avio.

Lake Mortirolo at the upper Valcamonica near Edolo is probably one of the richest lakes. Fishing is allowed from february to october but the best time is undoubtfully in summer.

Additionally you find various other zones such as Corteno Golgi in the S. Antonio valley. There you find 4 different spots: the river Ogliolo from Ogliolo and S. Antonio up to the alpine hut of Campovecchio; the river Brandet - Trotone, Laghetto - river Ogliolo. For fishing in these zones an offical permission is required.

Further information regarding times, permission and spots you will get on request from the Quader personnel.