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Tiro con l’arco Valcamonica

Archery in Valcamonica

For all guests of Quader an ideal circuit is available. Equipped with 10 extraordinary targets it stretches in ups and down through nearby forsests.

Following the course, you will find fantastic 3D-sculptures of animals in their natural surrounding, absolutely identical to the animals populating this area. These replications are perfect targets, either for professionists or for those who wants to approach this sport for the first time and looks for a sane and diverting way to discover the splendit passages of Val Camonica.

Thanks to the total immersion into nature, you can discover in a playful and competitive way how our ancestors hunted. As archery on 3D-targets inspired from real animals can be practiced safly at any age, this sport is getting more and more popular and has meanwhile reached Quader with great success.

The Quader circuit for archers is open all year round, even in winter, for very remote costs: adults 10 €, children 5 €.

For more information or reservation please call (+39) 3351825206