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salumeria camuna

Sausage specialities

In Valcamonica meat is cut, marinated and dryed by generation old and secret recipes. In former times animals were raised with natural fodder of high quality. Until now the valley's sausages are produced with respect to nature according to the old philosophy.

Producing Salami from porkmeat demonstrate the secret art of sausageing: to select the right parts, the consistance of the sausage, the selection of spices and the process of drying. From the local cattles of the valley high end quality sausages are produced: Sausages from oxes (lean meat, cooked in a broth with garlic and spices, to be eaten hot with Polenta or potatoes). "Violino della Valcamonica", a mixture of goat-, sheep-, deer- and chamoismeat or "Strinù", a sausage made of pork- and cowmeat with wine, garlic, pepper and other spices, to be eaten cooked or grilled.