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prodotti tipici lombardia


For centuries cheese in this region is famous for the variety of taste and is called the "white gold" of Valcamonica. In medieval times the produced cheese was used by shepards to pay their duties which demonstrate the high value of these products.

The most famous cheese of Valcamonica is "Casolet", better known as Rosa Camuna. The typical form of this cheese was developed to optimize transportation on donkey back. Rosa Camuna is soft and compact, the taste is mild and delicious, almost sweet when mature. Another typical cheese is "Silter" (The name derives from the place where tools for fieldwork and forms for cheese were stored). This cheese is one of the most traditional regarding smell and aroma.

Very tasty is goat's cheese: "Fatuli", a very seldom speciality with an intensive taste who can be served grated (depending of the state of maturity). "Stael de Cavra", a mild and aromatic cheese which can get spicy once matured or "Cadolet de Cavra", a very delicious jewel. Other traditional sorts are Mascarpi, Strachet and Formaggelle.