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vini valle camonica


Today the valley's vinery area covers more than 150 hectares and represents an important economical factor. There is a long winegrowing tradition at Valcamonica. For centuries the area was famous for Lanzato grapes and attracted the nobels and the powerful who celebrated important events here such as the unification of two nobel families by marriage or the victory in a battle.

Old grapevines have been optimized by new techniques. Especially Merlot and Marzemino have been enriched by cross-breeding with other ancient grapevines like Manzoni, Riesling, Chardonnay and Müller Thurgau. Those selected vines develope natural aromas and fruity notes. The result is a fruity wine enfolding a slightly salty aroma.

The culture of winegrowing in this mountain region is the result of hard work and full dedication. The outcome of all these efforts is that the wines of this area are permitted to carry the seal "L'indicazione Geografica".